Add Interest To Your Yard or Garden in Mason City, IA

Explore our year-round selection of garden and yard art

Your work hard on your yard and garden, why not add some special touches here and there? Add a gazing ball to accentuate your flowers, add a fun garden stake to create whimsy or hang a wind chime to hear the soft music of the breeze. The Basic Birder has a year-round selection of yard and garden art, wind chimes, and gifts to brighten anyone's day.

Some of the things we offer include:

Some of the things we offer include:

Steel gazing balls | Glass gazing balls | Solar | Garden Flags | House Flags | Greeting Cards | Puzzles | Mailbox Covers | Balancers | Wind Chimes | Garden Stakes | Ornaments | Memorial Gifts | Pet Memorial Gifts | Rain Gauges | Toad Houses | Garden Stones | Children's Gifts

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